Summer School Voyager Solutions: Complimentary Samples!

Voyager Learning is committed to supporting schools and districts in maximizing the effects of summer school instruction. The Voyager Learning Summer School Grant Program gives you the tools you need to implement proven, results-focused solutions that increase learning opportunities for all students.


TimeWarp Plus | Voyager Adventure Series | Vmath Summer Adventure |
Voyager Online Algebra | | Everyday English Plus

TimeWarp Plus
Grades K–9

TimeWarp® Plus is a high-interest, grade-level reading intervention designed to bring engaging, hands-on, adventure-based lessons to students in grades K–9. Grade-level adventures feature travel to ancient cultures as a means of enriching learning. Explicit instruction covers the five essential reading components with academically challenging and motivating content. TimeWarp Plus:

  • Offers three to four hours of daily academic instruction, totaling up to 80 hours
  • Provides for flexible whole-class and small-group settings
  • Includes additional language arts strands of writing, spelling, listening, and speaking
  • Supports English language learners with read-along passages, audio, and a highlight word function

Voyager Adventure Series
Grades K–8

Voyager Adventure Series is an evidence-based language arts and mathematics program for K–8 students. Through a cooperative and integrated approach to learning, students apply language arts and math skills to real-world situations. This dynamic program includes a highly interactive blend of print materials and experiential activities, making it a perfect choice for summer school. Voyager Adventure Series:

  • Features teacher-friendly implementation and flexible grouping formats
  • Includes a built-in classroom management system
  • Utilizes captivating, hands-on learning stations
  • Offers support for English language learners
  • Includes 60 hours of instruction per level

Through cross-curricular adventures students explore the fine arts, uncover the world's great mysteries, learn about the United States, or study mass communications from newspapers to web development to mobile.


Vmath Summer Adventure
Grades K–8

Vmath® Summer Adventure is an intensive intervention program that is ideal for students in grades K–8 who would benefit from additional support and practice in foundational math skills. It is based on research principles of effective intervention and provides targeted instruction and practice on essential concepts and skills that students have missed during the regular school year but must master before moving to the next grade level in math. Guided by the work and research of noted mathematics educators, this program helps educators:

  • Deliver explicit, systematic instruction
  • Guide student learning through targeted and purposeful math practice
  • Focus on math vocabulary development
  • Provide corrective feedback
  • Track student progress with built-in assessments
  • Use data to direct instructional decisions using data-management tools

Voyager Online Algebra
Grades 8–12

For grades 8–12 and beyond, Voyager Online Algebra is designed for students who have failed algebra, or are at risk of failing, as well as students who are in need of a refresher course before taking college algebra. With a model that is highly engaging and flexible, Voyager Online Algebra:

  • Provides “Interactive Labs” that guide students through a narrated text experiment in algebra
  • Connects and applies algebra content to the real world
  • Engages students with narrated text, photos, diagrams, and/or video clips
  • Provides a focus on algebra vocabulary and ample examples
  • Links to graphs, tutorials, and journal questions
  • Provides “Try It” questions to check comprehension and offer immediate corrective feedback
  • Integrates Gizmos from ExploreLearning to offer digital manipulatives and foster conceptual understanding
Grades 6–12 is an industry-leading provider of online learning solutions that engage and inspire students and adult learners with innovative, media-rich courseware designed to help them succeed. Our secondary school courses, turnkey virtual school solutions, and instruction bring together the best of current technology and evidence-based curriculum design.

All courseware is student-directed, allowing learners to work at their own pace anytime and anyplace they have an Internet connection. Sophisticated assessments isolate the material students need to learn, and user-friendly reporting and monitoring systems facilitate close tracking of student participation and performance. Extensive integration of media—including audio, video, and interactive elements—will capture the attention of today's learners and accommodate different learning styles.


Everyday English Plus
Grades 6–12

English language learners encounter tremendous challenges in a new school or classroom. They must pass state assessments—all in English—navigate an unfamiliar building, and learn the social and academic language of school. Everyday English Plus makes the transition easier. It is a yearlong language development program for newcomers to the English language in grades 6–12. Students build oral and academic language and content knowledge with cross-curricular content through these relevant and useful everyday scenarios:

  • School
  • Home
  • Neighborhood
  • Grocery Store
  • The Mall
  • My Trip
  • My Day
  • My Life
  • My Community

Lessons and instruction are delivered through a five-step process. Students experience all aspects of the English language, from sounds and letters to common words and phrases to core vocabulary and grammar and usage.

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